Africa Is a Continent


This is the world (Earth):


The world has seven continents, including North and South America, Asia, Australia, Europe, Antarctica, and Africa.


This is Africa:

It is one of the seven continents. “Continent” generally refers to a continuous land mass, usually including the shallow, submerged adjacent areas, and the islands or land masses beyond the continental shelf, but relatively nearby. It is therefore a geographic or geological distinction, rather than a political one. Read more about continents on Wikipedia.

Countries in Africa

There are 54 internationally recognized sovereign states (countries) in Africa.

The word country usually refers to a sovereign state. At the very least, it is a region that is politically distinct from its neighboring regions. (See Wikipedia’s entry on countries.)

Although it is a common mistake, Africa is a continent, not a country.

meghankrane moderator

It's unfortunate that so many people mistake Africa for something other than a continent.  I salute your efforts to spread correct information.